Mr Aidan Kenny

PhD Candidate


A StAR PhD Student from Co. Clare, Ireland. I previously studied Biochemistry and Anatomy at NUI Galway 2010-2014 and following graduation interned at the Centre of Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics in the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) where I studied neurotrophic factors and Huntington’s disease in the lab of Blair Leavitt. At the end of my internship I returned to Ireland to pursue a PhD at RCSI (2016).

Research Focus:

My research primarily focuses on impact and dysregulation of microRNA molecules in neurodegenerative disorders (NDs) and utilisation of distinct expression patterns as disease specific biomarkers. Biomarkers investigated primarily focus on identifying preclinical and prodromal stages Alzheimer’s disease and differentiation from similar disorders. Other research interests include the investigating novel functions of the microtubule associated tubule protein Tau in NDs and the role microRNAs at the synapse.


Kenny A, Jimenez-Mateos EM, Calero M, Medina M & Engel T. Detecting Circulating MicroRNAs as Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease. Methods in molecular biology (2017). Link to paper here.

 Kenny A, Hernandez F, Avila J, Lucas JJ, Henshall D, Prehn J, Jimenez-Mateos EM & Engel T. Profiling of Argonaute-2-loaded microRNAs in a mouse model of frontotemporal dementia with parkinsonism-17 (2018). Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 10(6): 172-183. Link to paper here.

Quinlan S, Kenny A, Medina M, Engel T & Jimenez-Mateos EM. MicroRNAs in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Int Rev Cell Mol Biol  (2018). Link to paper here.